Note from the editor

I feel like I have been incredibly lucky to have met Alan. We have worked together on several of his projects, shared countless jokes, stories and coffees together, and found in each other something of a “kindred spirit”, as Alan put it. It really is such a pleasure to work on editing these fantastic stories, and I am forced to take frequent breaks from writing because I am laughing too much to continue. For a while, Alan has wanted to publish a book of his stories, and we agreed the place to begin was with a blog, so that the stories could be enjoyed as quickly as we are able to compile them. For now, we hope you enjoy reading these weekly instalments. Goodness knows, we have enough material to work from!

To give a little about myself, since you ask, I am also a musician with a brain of mad ideas. I am a composer, piano player and tutor, and I periodically write and perform my own shows (you can find out more at I am spurred on by Alan’s achievements and his talent for songwriting to make something of my own abilities. His honest determination and focus has made it possible to achieve so much.

As Alan’s health is now sadly declining, I am continuing to write the story of his latest projects: “The Book”, and “The Anthem”. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoy our work.

If you really enjoy these stories, we’d be delighted if you signed up to weekly installments on Patreon, where you can donate a little something to help to fund the book. Thank you!

Charles Ormrod, editor