• How to Write The Scottish National Anthem

    9th Nov 2019 by

    (Originally published at artisticechoes.com) To say that Alan Tomkinson enjoys ambitious, quixotic projects is something of a considerable understatement. In fact, I don’t think there’s a single ordinary job or hobby he’s done in his whole life. He designed a new type of mattress; raced karts directed a 32-piece youth jazz orchestra (it became the… Read more

  • How to begin 64 years of marriage

    28th Nov 2019 by

    I first met Mary when I was a young man playing the alto saxophone in the big Tony Stuarts Orchestra at the Astoria Ballroom in Plymouth Grove, Manchester.In those days it was a very popular dance venue, and every Saturday night, bands which were famous in those days used to appear at the Astoria to… Read more

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