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This is a website about the man who has done almost everything. Despite having to fend off the most terrific bad luck along the way, Alan Tomkinson was a renowned musician, composer and alto sax player, performing with some of the biggest names in music over several decades, and he has some fantastic stories to tell.

But gigging is primarily an evening occupation, so he needed something to fill the daytime hours. What Alan did with the rest of his time is another set of stories altogether. He undertook numerous professions, projects and pastimes, running a lorry-building company, starting a mobile hairdressers, creating the country’s biggest franchised boarding cattery. Then he retired and built his own house. Afterwards, stuck for something to do, he composed an Anthem for Scotland — which, by the way, has received tremendous support from the Scots! You can hear the composition, This Land of Scotland, at www.thislandofscotland.com. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the music and lyrics.

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